Sunday, September 8, 2013


Good day, my lovely peeps. In case you missed it on Facebook, I released the title and blurb from my debut novel this morning. It's now listed on Goodreads too! Just click on the title, add it to your To be Read shelf, and I'll love ya forever.

The cover isn't ready yet.
This is just a pretty picture for your viewing pleasure.

         Title: Prayer for the Dead -Revenants in Purgatory #1 (Yep, the R.I.P. series)

                 This is the story about a girl who lived, died, and met a guy… in that order.
Is it possible to find true love and happiness, while condemned to purgatory until the ends of days?
Olivia Brennan wasn't eager to find out. Working for a division of Purgatory and Associates, her job consisted of one headache after another, caused by the impatient souls waiting to move onto eternal paradise. After a hard day at work, she was most content to stay home, watching reruns or reading a book. Aside from a few friends occasionally forcing socialization, her afterlife was nothing special.
That all changed the moment Drake walked into her life. He was handsome, charming, and had a sadness behind his eyes she could relate to. It seemed that Fate had finally brought her a kindred spirit…
But could Olivia move past her own dark regrets of the life she left behind or would falling for him demand the ultimate sacrifice—herself?

 Sound intriguing? I certainly hope so. It will be coming your way very soon!

Few other small tidbits while we're all here. I now have my own website and finally joined Twitter. Click on either link to check out the new ways to connect with me. Mwah!

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