Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Buildasign.com

Hello my friends! Here's a quick little review on my experience with Buildasign.com. I was set up with this company through a friend and it seemed like an interesting opportunity. Deal was they'd give any blogger free product in exchange for an honest review. I thought, Hey, I can do that. Sign me up!

My first impressions: The representative I worked with was very friendly and professional during our correspondence. The website itself is very easy to navigate and there are endless options available for advertising or personal needs.

There are many different products to chose from- signs, magnets, decals. I opted for bumper stickers. Not only do they have hundreds of pre-made bumper stickers, but the company provides the option to create your own. There are plenty of designs, colors, fonts, etc to play with. Since I'm on the verge of becoming an indie author, here's the design I made.

My creation. I'll be giving some of these away in the near future.
Indie authors included:
Shannon Dearing, Penelope Bartotto, Bart Hopkins
R.M. Gilmore, Jason Brant, Jon Messenger,
Michael Loring, Rene Folsom, Magen McMinimy.

Pretty nifty, don't ya think? The finished bumper stickers are high quality and exceeded my expectations. Everything turned out clear and crisp in appearance. The colors were true to what was shown on the proof. The product also arrived on my doorstep sooner than predicted.

There was one minor issue though. A dozen stickers, of the fifty I ordered, were miss cut. It was only on one edge and a quick snip with scissors fixed it.
Miss cut stickers.
As you can see, one edge has an added white border .
No biggie though, easily fixed.

I would recommend this company to anyone.There are a lot of fun opportunities to create personalized items for your business, for gifts, or just for the heck of it. For authors, I think it's a great place to get unique items to use for giveaways. I had a great experience and plan to do more business with them in the future.

Check out any of the websites below for more information on their products:

Photos to Canvas

signs and banners
Custom Business Cards

custom shirts
Custom T-Shirts

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