Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh, Ladies...

Just for fun this weekend, while Prayer for the Dead is on sale, I thought I'd share this little post with you. I wrote it for my blog tour but, for one reason or another, it didn't get used. I didn't want to deprive my Team Devon girls, so here's an interview with the man, in all his sexy glory. Enjoy!

Character interview with Devon Chandler

Interviewer: Hello Devon, thanks for talking with me today.

Devon: Happy to oblige.

Interviewer: I’d like to start things off by asking about your best friend, Olivia. What’s her best quality?

Devon: It’s hard to choose just one, as she has many. But if I have to, it would be that she doesn't know how amazing she is. In my eyes, that quality makes her incredibly endearing.

Interviewer: She was once quoted as saying you were “The best friend she’s ever had”. How do you feel about that?

Devon chuckles.

Devon: Well, that’s a tall order to live up to. I can definitely say it’s reciprocated. I’ve never had a better friend than Liv, but she’s more than that. As a Revenant, I’ve been left behind by my family, she’s filled that void. For that reason, our friendship is the thing I treasure most in this world. I’d do anything for her.

Interviewer: It comes across as if your relationship isn’t entirely platonic.

Devon: I can understand how an outsider could view us as something more. We’re fiercely protective of one another and love each other immensely, but no, there’s nothing else there. Liv and I have always been just friends and that’s how it will remain.

Interviewer: I think a lot of women would feel threatened by a boyfriend having that sort of relationship with another woman. Have you found that to be the case?

Devon: Honestly, it’s never come up. I haven’t been in a long term relationship for some time. But, if it was a problem, I’d probably have to send that woman packin’.

Interviewer: But what if it wasn’t that simple? What if you loved the other woman, how would you handle it then?

Devon: Then I guess there would need to be a serious discussion and she would have to check the jealousy at the door. It’s not something I’m willing to compromise on.  

Interviewer: I think that pretty well demonstrates your devotion to the friendship. So, say you find that special woman, who isn't threatened by your friendship with Olivia, what other qualities would you look for?

Devon: Honesty would be the first thing I look for. I don’t like women who play games. Someone who can think for herself rather than always agreeing with me would be preferred. I like a woman who is strong, but will also let me take care of her. She has to possess compassion, empathy, and not always be thinking of herself. She can’t be obsessed with her looks. It’s better for her to not realize how beautiful she is, than be hyper-aware of the fact. A sense of humor is always a good thing. Loyalty is great… Sorry, I’m rambling.  Sounds like I’m looking for the perfect woman, huh?

Interviewer: A little bit, but I’m sure she’s out there somewhere.

Devon: I’m sure she is. Luckily, I have all of eternity to search.

Something tells me it won’t take Devon all of eternity to find his dream woman. In fact, the last I checked, the line of eligible bachelorettes was already wrapping down and around the block.

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