Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Post is Random

Welcome to my blog! This is my first official post, how exciting!

Now what?

I've spent the last month trying to figure out something interesting to say in this space and I've come up with bupkis. I've decided to forego interesting, opting for random and weird instead. If you plan to follow this blog at all, you best get used to it, because there'll be a whole mess of random and weird popping here all the time. It's how I roll.

I'm going to give you a little back story on how this nonsense came about. A few months back, my sister (Hi, Angie!) and I, were at Kmart, and discovered, that they stock a crap-ton of hats. We became distracted, as we so often do, and she took pictures of me wearing these random hats. Sixteen hats and thirty minutes later, we had giggled ourselves stupid and the pictures eventually found their way to Facebook. It was there, friends and family giggled at the photos too.

Fast forward to one week ago, I'd had a bad day and was in Macy's looking for Mother's day gifts. My husband (Hi Jon!), spotted a huge rack of hats and figured trying some on would cheer me up. That's when the light bulb went off. I'd been killing myself trying to find a world altering topic for my first post, but it was there, in Macy's, next to the hat rack and the perfume counter, I decided I didn't need to change the world with my blog. I also got a raging migraine, from the perfume chemicals I was inhaling, but that's a story for another time.

So without further ado, I give to you-

Fun with hats
My whole life is a dark room. 
If you don't get this reference, go watch Beetlejuice and don't come back until you do!

The fabulous hat

I don't have anything clever to say about this hat.
I just thought it was a cute picture.

The grieving widow

The Stolen hat-
I accidently walked out with this hat still on my head. 
I returned it and felt like a dumbass.

West side...Loveland, Colorado
I'm hardcore like that.

Red hat gives you wings!

Domo gets fierce
and becomes a leopard... apparently. 

Oh. my god! They killed Kenny!
You bastards!

Random panda scarf is random
*Not a hat

This hat gets the award for-

The power napping hat-
Trying on hats can be exhausting.

So at this time, you may be asking yourself, "What the hell was the point of this post?"

Well, I'll tell you, there isn't one. Except this- go out into the world and be random, be weird, be yourself or be a hat model. 

I'd like to thank Angie Scalise-Kerr for being my photographer. I'd also like to thank Kmart and Macy's for not kicking us out.

A very special thank you to J.C. Penny's for not calling the police, when I accidently took a five finger discount.